Talking with Ed McClanahan

LEO Weekly recently caught up with fabled Kentucky storyteller Ed McClanahan over lunch at Lynagh’s Pub in Lexington and over the phone while McClanahan vacationed off the coast of Geor


Captain Kentucky

Author Ed McClanahan’s Kandy-Kolored Counterculture Contribution


High Summer 1965, La Honda, California


Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

‘Great Lives’ by BBC Radio 4

Last year, Matthew Parris, host of the BBC series “Great Lives,” was voted the 49th Most Influential LGBT Person in the United Kingdom.


Book: Jack Reacher’s creator comes to the library

Lee Child doesn’t mind it when his writing style is described as “off the cuff.” With his charming but direct British accent, he is forthright and open about how he plots his susp


Book: Rosanne Cash’s memory banks

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash comes to the University of Louisville Kentucky Author Forum Monday for a well-paired interview with Nick Spitzer, the host of public radio’s &ld


Book: Pop goes The Stooges

'The Stooges: Head On — A Journey Through the Michigan Underground’

‘The Stooges: Head On — A Journey Through the Michigan Underground’


Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

‘Excess Baggage’ with Sandi Toksvig

Have you ever wanted to slap Rick Steves upside the head? If you don’t know who Rick Steves is, or have him confused with Steve Jobs, then this column may not be for you.


Book: A man and his car

Christopher Boucher reading/signing

Being a single parent is hard enough without having to deal with leaking oil, flat tires and faulty transmissions.


Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

‘The Guardian Short Story & Books Podcasts’

Having recently returned from the United Kingdom, I can verify that Rupert Murdoch has indeed buggered the world worse than any rioters could dream of doing.


Book: ‘Bright’s Passage’ a smooth transition for Josh Ritter

‘Bright’s Passage’
By Josh Ritter. Dial Press; 208 pgs., $22.