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Book: Where the wild things read

Library presents ‘The Worlds of Maurice Sendak’ exhibit

A boy in an airplane made of dough, a mischievous king of the wild things — these figures are familiar characters in childhood libraries around the world, sprung from the imagination of Mauri


Book: If they only knew

‘Kentucky Colonels of the American Basketball Association: The Real Story of a Team Left Behind’
By Gary West and Lloyd Gardner. Acclaim Press; 352 pgs., $29.95.


Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

Podcast roundup

First, an announcement for the New Year. It has come to my attention that a whopping number of peeps still don’t know how to go about listening to podcasts.


Season’s Readings: A Literary Guide

Novels, comics, biographies, memoirs, short stories and more — a list of cool books to cozy up with this winter

The Angel Esmeralda: Nine Stories

By Don DeLillo

Scribner, 213 pgs., $24


Book: Murakami’s rabbit hole

By Haruki Murakami. Knopf Publishing; 944 pgs., $30.50.


Book: A knack for nostalgia

‘The Nostalgia Echo’
By Mickey Hess. C&R Press; 333 pgs., $14.95.


Book: ‘Life Lessons’ excels in concise, creative nonfiction

‘This I Believe: Life Lessons’
Edited by Dan Gediman with John Gregory and Mary Jo Gediman. John Wiley & Sons; 208 pgs., $19.95.


Book: A lifetime of Black Sabbath

'Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven & Hell With Black Sabbath'

The founding father of heavy metal pretty much lied to me.


Culture: Podcasts you might be missing

‘Podularity’ & ‘The Faber Podcast’

I have a new best friend, and his name is George Miller. I suppose I should call him an imaginary best friend, as he will never know of my existence, but I sure am glad I stumbled upon his.


Book: Oh so Common

‘One Day It’ll All Make Sense’

‘One Day It’ll All Make Sense’
By Common with Adam Bradley. Atria Books; 320 pgs., $25.