January 15, 2008

Booksmart - Poem

Last Call: Campari and Soda*By Lynnell EdwardsMake it like the Italy you’ve alwaysImagined. Think: piazza. Think: ciaoBella. Think: garnet alchemyof root and herb and time. Ignorethe cocktail crowd, hot and rumpled;ignore the hangers-on beginningto stagger and slur; ignore the jerkin the stained tie who wants to know:What’s the red stuff sweetie?Think: tiled verandas, slim linen suits.Ignore the bitterness at your lips; say:Trade secrets. Bene. Exquisite.*from the book “The Highwayman’s Wife” (Red Hen Press, 2007)Book Smart ChallengeEntries — either flash fiction or poetry — should be no more than 325 words. The deadline is the first business day of each month (for work to be published later that month). Contestants may submit up to three entries per month. LEO reserves the right to publish any submitted work in print and online. Please do not send originals; work will not be returned. Send entries to leo@leoweekly.com, with “Book Smart Challenge” in the subject line, or mail to LEO, Book Smart Challenge, 640 S. Fourth St., Ste. 100, Louisville, Ky., 40202.