October 3, 2006

Video Tapeworm: Releases through Tuesday, Oct. 10

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKSHOLLYWOOD’S LEGENDS OF HORROR COLLECTION2006; DVD $39.95, URFrankly, most of the “horror collections” we run across are complete crap, but not this one! Three double-feature discs of “Doctor X/The Return of Dr. X” with Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray, followed by Humphrey Bogart with Pepe LePew hair; “Mark of the Vampire/The Mask of Fu Manchu,” the former directed by Louisvillian Tod Browning and starring Bela Lugosi and Myrna Loy; and “Mad Love/The Devil Doll” with Peter Lorre in the former and Lionel Barrymore and Maureen O’Sullivan in the latter, directed again by Browning. An embarrassment of riches.JU-ON 22003; DVD $26.95, URFor those keeping score, this J-Horror sequel is scarier than the American version of the original, but not as scary as the Japanese original (but it can still make a grown man wet himself, if our couch is any indication). Pop star Sakai stars as a pregnant actress who loses her unborn child to the evil spirit from the first film, putting her on a desperate road to save her comatose husband.A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION2006; DVD $27.95, PG-13A love song from Garrison Keillor to fans of his long-running radio show with lots of big-name fans/actors blissfully begging to be in it. Tommy Lee Jones buys the theater, angel Virginia Madsen looks for a soul to harvest, Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep make a delicious dysfunctional sibling duo, Lindsay Lohan has great boobs, Woody Harrelson, John C. Reilly, Kevin Kline and much more. Enjoy.ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL2006; DVD $26.95, RA fun black comedy about the lives and loves of pretentious losers who populate a hip art school. An amazing cast brings to life snappy, insightful writing; well directed and beautifully realized from “roll film” to “roll credits” One of the best comedies we’ve seen in a coon’s age.BABY BLOOD1990; DVD $14.95, URLong overdue American release of a modern French le monstere du horror classic. An ancient parasite violates a circus performer, resulting in a mutant fetus that demands fresh human blood.CLICK2006; DVD $28.95, PG-13A so-so Adam Sandler vehicle; it was nice to see him tone things down a bit and not bury the script in camera-muggings. A put-upon family man goes to Bed, Bath and Beyond, where cracked scientist Christopher Walken provides him with a remote control that can control reality. Under the direction of Frank Capra, this could have been one for the ages, but we’ll have to settle on a fun ride with Kate Beckinsale, David Hasselhoff, Henry Winkler, Julie Kavner, Sean Astin and others.DISTURBANCE (AKA CHOKER)2005; DVD $24.95, URA wonderfully unapologetic zero-budget gore-fest about a serial killer who is turned loose on society to hunt down and kill alien parasites inhabiting human bodies. Some of the best cheeze since they started putting it in a spray-can.GARFIELD: A TAIL OF TWO KITTIES2006; DVD $29.95, PGJennifer Love Hewitt and the voice of Bill Murray return in this for-the-wee-ones outing based on “The Prince and the Pauper.” With Billy Connolly, Bob Hoskins and the sounds of Tim Curry.GHOST OF MAE NAK2006; DVD $22.95, URThe tale of Mae Nak is well known in Asia, having been made into a movie at least 20 times. This latest version from Thailand has been updated to present-day Bangkok, where a newlywed couple finds themselves heirs to a horrible legacy. A savage ghost protects them, but demands an extreme service in return, which threatens the man’s life and woman’s sanity. Damned good subtitled stuff.HOUSE OF WAX/THE EXORCIST: THE VERSION YOU’VE NEVER SEEN2006; DVD $23.95, URA fabulous pairing of the 1953 version of “House” (originally shot in 3-D), which made a horror icon out of Vincent Price, and the longer version of the original “Exorcist.” At this price you should buy several and send them to us at Christmas.LAND OF PLENTY2004; DVD $24.95, URDirector Wim Wenders’ look at post-9/11 America is powerful, emotional, funny, tragic, dark and uplifting. A shattered man watches the L.A. streets, searching for terrorists while his niece works in a homeless mission, each convinced that they know the secret to healing a fractured America — all to a killer soundtrack!MOTION PICTURE MASTERPIECES COLLECTION: FIVE MGM STUDIO CLASSICS2004; DVD $49.95, URThe perfect set for the film intellectual: A five-disc set of literary classics including “Marie Antoinette” (1939) starring Tyrone Power and John Barrymore, “David Copperfield” (1935) with Lionel Barrymore, Maureen O’Sullivan and Basil Rathbone, the definitive “Pride and Prejudice” (1940) with Greer Garson, Laurence Olivier and Maureen O’Sullivan, “A Tale of Two Cities” (1935) with Reginald Owen and Basil Rathbone, and “Treasure Island” (1934) with little Jackie Cooper, Wallace Beery and more Lionel Barrymore.THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT 22006; DVD $19.95, RDirect-to-vid sequel with nothing much to offer except the gravity-defying pulchritude of “Smallville”’s jiggly Erica Durance ... it’s a freakin’ blockbuster! Uh, sorry, this babe really gets us hot.THE CONVENANT2006; PG-13, $29.95 DVD, URKinda lame supernatural train-wreck starring Moody White-Boyz, Chick S’Hafnekkid and Chee-Z-SFX. Some hunky boys are the good guys, the last descendants of a coven of Salem witches. Some other hunky boys are the bad guys, descended from other witches. They’re irresistible to young women and they fight each other in colorful and noisy ways. A big-ol’ sack of eye-candy, just in time for Halloween.THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 21986; DVD $19.95, RA widescreen Gruesome Edition of Tobe Hooper’s excellent follow-up to his gore masterpiece, starring Dennis Hopper as a man tracking down the cannibal family who destroyed his life. Less shocking than the original, it is nonetheless a much better-made flick, and much more entertaining. Highly recommended.ULLI LOMMEL’S BLACK DAHLIA2006; DVD $26.95, RUlli Lommel, director of such instant gore-culters as “Boogeyman,” cashes in on the recent “Black Dahlia” craze with a trio of madmen who repeatedly murder in the same style — cutting the victim completely in half!OTHER DVDS OF INTERESTDON’T GO IN THE WOODS ALONE1982; DVD $19.95, RFIXING FRANK2006; DVD $24.95, URHARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW: VOL. 22006; DVD $29.95, URSIMON & SIMON: SEASON 11981; DVD $39.95, URTHE A-TEAM: SEASON 51986; DVD $49.95, URTHE FOX AND THE HOUND1981; DVD $29.95, GA more complete listing and free vids at www.videotapeworm.com!