February 26, 2008

Video TapeWorm: Releases through Tuesday, Feb. 26

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKSHOGFATHER2006; DVD $14.95, URWildly entertaining telling of a “Discworld” tale from author Terry Pratchett that combines Easter, Christmas and a dose of Harry Potter with plain-old Limey lunacy that’s bound to please. Highly subversive, wholly twisted and a sheer delight from end to end.INTO THE WILD2007; DVD $29.95-$39.95, RThe true story of a wealthy, promising new college grad (Emile Hirsch) who walks away from it all in search of ... himself! OK, that’s corny, but he does chuck it all to wander Alaska in search of a balance between Man and Nature for writer/director Sean Penn. With Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt and Jena Malone as his confused family and a clever cast of fellow travelers including Brian Dierker, Catherine Keener, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Stewart and Hal Holbrook. Fabulously entertaining with a soundtrack by Eddie Vedder.101 DALMATIANS1961; DVD $15.95-$29.95, GA two-disc Platinum Edition re-re-release of one of Uncle Walt’s very best animated adventures. Pedigreed pet-parents Pongo and Perdita protect their prodigious pups from the perniciously vile Cruella DeVille.3 PIGS AND A BABY: UNSTABLE FABLES2007; DVD $19.95, URThe Jim Henson Company of Muppets fame goes CGI in this updated tale of three little pigs who adopt a baby wolf found on their doorstep. As only Henson & Co. can do it.AWAKE2007; DVD $28.95, RJessica Alba stars in this sexy psycho-thriller that deserved more time in theaters. When her husband, Hayden Christensen, undergoes open-heart surgery, an anesthesiologist’s error leaves him awake, but paralyzed — fully aware of his doctor’s scheme to kill him on the operating table.BLOOD: PART ONE2008; DVD $119.95, URSix discs with all 25 episodes from the breakout Adult Swim anime series about Saya, an amnesic high-schooler who learns that she is the pivotal player in a war between immortal monsters and mankind. Also available: Volume 1 for $24.95.BOB THE BUILDER: BUILDING BOBLAND BAY2008; DVD $14.95, URIf you’ve never seen this addictive stop-action animated New Yankee Workshop for the wee ones, here’s your chance as Bob tackles his biggest project yet.C.H.U.D.1984; DVD $14.95, RA re-release of one of our favorite ’80s crap-fests, now part of a new Cult Fiction line from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Mutated cannibals secretly populate the sewers of NYC, snacking on the homeless until John Heard, Daniel Stern and Kim Greist inadvertently send them on a rampage of blood to the surface world. Smooth cheeze.DOCTOR WHO RE-RELEASES!2008; DVD $19.95, URArise Whovians! Warner Bros. is re-releasing many of its best Dr. Whos, including what appears to be the entire Tom Baker canon! Tom first became THE Doctor in an uncredited regeneration at the end of “Planet of the Spiders: Part 6” (1974), appearing in an amazing 173 episodes ending with “Logopolis: Part 4” in 1981. Prices start at $14.95.FACING THE GIANTS2006; DVD $19.95, PGOverrated Christian sports-drama about a high school football coach who tells his players that God is their center. Lots of lame, predictable things follow.JESUS, MARY AND JOEY2005; DVD $22.95, PG-13Originally shown on cable as “Welcome Back Miss Mary,” this is a fun look at love, life and everyday miracles with Vincent Pagano and the adorable Marley Shelton as cancer-ridden Mary. With Jennifer Esposito, Olympia Dukakis, Stacy Keach, Tess Harper, Charles Durning and Dan Lauria.MR. MAGORIUM’S WONDER EMPORIUM2007; DVD $29.95, GLifeless, big-budget turd of a kidflick starring LOTS OF RAZZLE-DAZZLE ACTION AND DIGITAL EFFECTS, plus Dustin Hoffman’s ego, Natalie Portman’s pretty face and a bunch of Greedy Toy-Hoarding Rugrats Who Are Supposed To Be Cute. Another family-friendly stinker squeezed out by Walden Media.MY KID COULD PAINT THAT2007; DVD $24.95, PG-13A hilarious and popular indie doc that explores “Is Modern Art a Sham?” as expensive splashes of paint in NY art galleries are found to be the work of 4-year-old Marla Olmstead. When prissy art critics assert that she couldn’t possibly have done them, the parents invite filmmaker Amir Bar-Lev to document her process, leading to a media circus.NOVA: MASTER OF THE KILLER ANTS2007; DVD $19.95, URWe were mesmerized by this PBS outing about a native shaman in Africa who uses a combination of woodcraft, politics and faith to coax an army of deadly ants to rid a villager’s home and granary of termites.SOUL MAID2008; DVD $29.95, RA queer “Sleeping Beauty,” set in modern times, about a guy who has religious visions of an astral goddess heading for Earth — to claim his soul! But can the man of his dreams — along with his gal-pal/priest/roommate — save him and all gays from extinction?THE KILL POINT2008; DVD $39.95, URFirst video release of Spike TV’s fabulous original miniseries with John Leguizamo leading a band of Iraqi war vets in a bank heist that goes horribly wrong — or was that the plan all along? A fabulous effort in a genre that rarely distinguishes itself. With Donnie Wahlberg leading a cast of killer co-stars.THE LOVE BOAT: SEASON ONE, VOL. 11977; DVD $36.95, URWhat more could you possibly want to know? Captain Stubing, Julie, Gopher, Doc and Isaac greet Meredith Baxter-Birney, Suzanne Somers, Bonnie Franklin and Jimmy “J.J.” Walker in this first-ever DVD release. Come abooooard! We’re expeccctinnng yoooooouuu.THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL2003; DVD $19.95, URThe excellent and original BBC version of this perfect tale of sex, passion and royal naughty bits, now coming to DVD to cash in on the big-screen Natalie Portman/Scarlett Johansson version. Stars Natascha McElhone and Jodhi May.THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE2007; DVD $29.95-$39.95, RHalle Berry and Benicio Del Toro star in this heavy Dreamworks adult drama. When husband and father David Duchovny is killed, bodacious Berry finds comfort in the shaky, needle-tracked arms of drug-addled Del Toro. With the always amazing Alison Lohman.OTHER DVDS OF INTERESTARCHIE’S FUNHOUSE: THE COMPLETE SERIES1969; DVD $29.95, URGOD GREW TIRED OF US: THE STORY OF LOST BOYS OF SUDAN2006; DVD $19.95-24.95, PGORIGIN: SPIRITS OF THE PAST2007; DVD $39.95, URA more complete listing and free vids at www.videotapeworm.com!