April 1, 2008

Video Tapeworm: Releases through Tuesday, April 8

THIS WEEK’S TWIN PEEKS:THERE WILL BE BLOOD2008; DVD $29.95, RBig budgets, big stars and big egos collide in this powerful, if flawed, outing aimed at snagging Oscars. Daniel Day-Lewis wins for Best Actor as the slimy oilman (or is that redundant) who takes control of an infant California, squeezing it for all he can get. But only preacher Paul Dano truly understands the inherent evil of the man and the doom he brings to the fledgling communities under his spell. Well made and powerful, but not the be-all and end-all that breathless studio promotions insisted.WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY2007; DVD $24.95-$43.95, R/URJohn C. Reilly is simply awesome in this goofy send-up of every rags-to-riches rock/country bio flick ever made. He plays Dewey Cox, a dim-witted country boy who loses his brother (well, half of him anyway) in a sawmill accident. Determined to make amends, he turns to music, eventually becoming a mega-star, meeting Elvis and The Beatles, bedding hundreds of women and taking every pill and powder known to Man. The gags never stop, and the hilarious songs are spot-on perfect. The rarest of beasts: an honest-to-god FUNNY comedy; with tons of great bonus material.ALIEN AGENT2007; DVD $29.95, RWonderfully bad good-alien-vs.-bad-alien actioner with Billy Zane and model Amelia Cooke as the bad aliens, constructing a wormhole thingie for a full-scale intergalactic invasion. Mark Dacascos is the good alien who joins forces with teenaged earthling Emma Lehana for a no-holds-barred cosmic smackdown.AUSTRALIA’S DEADLIEST DESTINATIONS BOX SET2007; DVD $29.95, URWe’ve always wanted to visit Oz, but if these vids are any indication, we should probably stay near town. The seas are filled with salt-water crocs, great white sharks and killer jellyfish; the outback is full of snakes; and more people are killed by lightning there than any other place on the globe. Can’t be any worse than hanging around LEO. A four-disc set from the anti-travelogue series.BETWEEN2004; DVD $19.95, URA bit chick-flicky, but intriguing south-of-the-border mystery about a lawyer (Poppy Montgomery) who goes to Mexico to find her missing sister.FOG CITY MAVERICKS: THE FILMMAKERS OF SAN FRANCISCO2008; DVD $19.95, URA look at how many aspiring filmmakers have gotten their start or made their mark in Northern California, an area far removed from the supposed heartland of movie-making far to the South. Like who? Oh, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, Clint Eastwood, Brad Bird, Steven Spielberg, Michael Douglas, Milos Forman and Chris Columbus, to name a few. One of the most entertaining docs around.LIONS FOR LAMBS2007; DVD $29.95-$99.95, RWhen a pair of Army rangers are injured behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, Congressman Tom Cruise, journalist Meryl Streep and the rangers’ former professor Robert Redford (who also directs) argue about how important it is to die in a war, and what the fuck we are doing there in the first place.MAGUS2006; DVD $24.95, RA fun little no-budgeter that kinda reminded us of the “Harry Dresden” series. An evil wizard has broken the Wizard’s Code and threatens to take over the world. Can Felix, a down-on-his-luck healer, turn his dwindling positive energy into a weapon for the cause?MIKE BIRBIGLIA: WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID WAS NOTHING: TALES FROM MY SECRET PUBLIC JOURNAL2008; DVD $14.95, URIf you’ve never heard Mike’s “Secret Public Journal” rants on the “Bob and Tom Show” — shame on you! A major contributor to “Comedy Central Presents,” this is his first one-man show for that network, and it’s a winner. Recommended.NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: SIX DEGREES COULD CHANGE THE WORLD2007; DVD $19.95-$28.95, URNational Geographic examines the widely accepted theory (outside of the Bush administration, anyway) that the Earth’s temperature will increase 6 degrees Celsius by the year 2100, and what startling effects this change will have on life as we know it, showing them one degree at time. If you need even more proof that we’re all in deep eco-doo, check out “Planet In Peril” (2007; HD DVD $19.95).P22007; DVD $26.95, RRachel Nichols gets lost and trapped in a parking garage on Christmas Eve by a crazed stalker in this low-budget thriller. “Seinfeld” did it better.RESURRECTING THE CHAMP2007; DVD $27.95, PG-13One terrific movie! Ambitious young sportswriter Josh Hartnett discovers former boxing legend Samuel L. Jackson living homeless on the streets. Eager to take advantage of the old man’s plight to enhance his own career, Hartnett is startled by the power and majesty of his tale, and eventually changed by it. Corny? Hell, yes! But wonderfully so.RUNNING DEEP2005; DVD $29.95, URAfter the death of his wife, a man and his two estranged sons — one gay and one adopted — gather at their childhood vacation beach house to reconnect.THE 11TH HOUR2007; DVD $4.95, PGA vanity project for Leonardo DiCaprio, but a welcome one. He lends his celebrity, producing and narrating this doc on global warming with a focus on practical solutions for restoring the ecosystem. His point is simple: Stop arguing about whether or not it’s true (it is), whose fault it is (ours), and just start moving in a positive direction. For under 5 bucks, it couldn’t hurt.THE COSBY SHOW: SEASON 82008; DVD $24.95, URThe final season of this wonderfully positive, well-written and spry look at the fun you can have with scores of previously unknown relatives who are all great jazz musicians. We’re being obnoxious, of course: One of the best family sitcoms ever put on the tube.THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SHORTS2006; DVD $29.95, URA compilation of six short films from around the world representing the most innovative and expressive up-and-coming young movie-makers of today.OTHER DVDS OF INTERESTBEN 10: RACE AGAINST TIME2007; DVD $14.95, URDEADLIEST CATCH: SEASON 32007; DVD $29.95, URMEERKAT MANOR, SEASON 22006; DVD $24.95, URROCK OF LOVE: SEASON 12007; DVD $34.95, URTHE SUPER ROBOT RED BARON: THE COMPLETE SERIES2008; DVD $59.95, URA more complete listing and free vids at www.videotapeworm.com!