September 23, 2009

Readers' Choice '09: The Winners

•Arts & Entertainment

Best Annual Festival

1. Kentucky Derby Festival

2. St. James Art Festival

3. World Festival


Best Charitable Event

1. Crusade for Children

2. St. Joseph Picnic

3. Light the Night Walk


Best Film Festival

1. Last Call Film Fest

2. 48 Hour Film Fest

3. Fright Night Film Fest


Best Music Festival

1. Forecastle

2. Abbey Road on the River

3. Waterfront Wednesdays


Best Church Picnic

1. St. Joseph

2. St. Agnes

3. St. Rita


Best Performing Arts Group

1. Actors Theatre of Louisville

2. Louisville Orchestra

3. Louisville Ballet


Best Live Theater

1. Actors Theatre of Louisville

2. Pandora Productions

3. Derby Dinner


Best Theater Production

1. “Dracula”

2. “Wicked”

3. “A Christmas Carol”


Best Theater Troupe

1. Actors Theatre of Louisville

2. Pandora Productions

3. Le Petomane


Best Comedian

1. Marty Pollio

2. Danny Browning


Best Art Gallery

1. Speed Art Museum

2. 21c Museum Hotel

3. Glassworks


Best Museum

1. Speed Art Museum

2. Frazier Museum

3. Louisville Science Center


Best Movie Theater

1. Baxter Avenue Theatres

2. Cinema de lux: Stonybrook

3. Cinemark Tinseltown


Best Bowling Alley

1. Vernon Lanes

2. King Pin

3. Ten Pin


Best Visual Artist

1. Ed Hamilton

2. Barry Motes

3. Matt Dobson


Best Public Mural

1. Highlands Mural

2. Muhammad Ali Center

3. Café Metro


Best Public Sculpture

1. Abraham Lincoln

2. The Thinker

3. Gallopalooza


Best Original Band

1. My Morning Jacket

2. Siren Falls

3. Wax Fang


Best Cover Band

1. Rocktimus Prime

2. V-Groove

3. Edgewood


Best Singer-Songwriter

1. Brigid Kaelin

2. Tim Krekel

3. Teneia Sanders


Best Rock Band

1. My Morning Jacket

2. Cougar Express

3. Siren Falls


Best Hip-Hop Artist/Group

1. Nappy Roots

2. Skyscraper Stereo

3. Villebillies


Best Orchestral Instrument

1. Violin

2. Cello

3. Viola


Best Blues Band

1. V-Groove

2. The Bad Reeds

3. Hambone


Best Country/Western Band

1. United States Military

2. Johnny Berry & the Outliers


Best Jazz Artist

1. Harry Pickens

2. Todd Hildreth

3. Squeeze-Bot


Best Live Music Venue

1. Headliners

2. Louisville Palace

3. Waterfront Park


Best Promoter

1. Production Simple

2. Terry Harper

3. Horseshoe Casino


•Goods & Services

Best Auto Dealer

1. Sam Swope

2. Toyota of Louisville

3. Carmax


Most Honest Mechanic

1. McCormick’s Motor Sports

2. Conn’s Auto Shop

3. Volksdoktor


Best Bank

1. Republic Bank

2. PNC

3. National City


Best Roofer

1. Highland Roofing

2. Christian Brothers

3. American Roofing


Best Plumber

1. BC Plumbing

2. Tom Drexler Plumbing

3. Dauenhauer Plumbing


Best Vet

1. Deck Veterinary Clinic

2. Shively Animal Hospital

3. St. Matthews Animal Hospital


Best Record Store

1. ear X-tacy

2. Underground Sounds

3. FYE


Best Instrument Shop

1. Doo Wop Shop

2. Guitar Emporium

3. Mom’s Music


Best Video Store

1. Wild ’n’ Woolly

2. Blockbuster

3. Redbox


Best Vintage Clothing Store

1. Nitty Gritty

2. Cherry Bomb

3. Elizabeth’s Timeless Attire


Best Adult/Erotic Store

1. Cirilla’s

2. Theatre X

3. Love Boutique


Best Health Food Store

1. Rainbow Blossom

2. Whole Foods

3. Amazing Grace


Best Liquor Store

1. Old Town Liquors

2. Liquor Barn

3. Party Mart


Best Tobacco Store

1. Cox’s Smokers Outlet

2. J. Shepherd Cigar Boutique

3. Kremer’s


Best Bookstore

1. Carmichael’s

2. Borders

3. Barnes & Noble


Best Bicycle Shop

1. Schellers Fitness & Cycling

2. Bardstown Bicycle

3. Bike Couriers Bike Shop


Best Antique Store

1. Joe Ley Antiques

2. Crazy Daisy

3. Louisville Antique Mall


Best Luxury Hotel

1. 21c Museum Hotel

2. The Seelbach Hotel

3. The Brown Hotel


Best Wedding-Night Hotel Room

1. The Seelbach Hotel

2. 21c Museum Hotel

3. The Brown Hotel


Best Place to Adopt a Pet

1. Kentucky Humane Society

2. Metro Animal Services

3. Shamrock Foundation


Best Tattoo Parlor

1. Tattoo Charlie’s

2. Acme Ink

3. Body Art Emporium


Best Screen Printer

1. Monkey Drive

2. Metro Promotional Services

3. Kopilot


Best Running Store

1. Swag’s Sport Shoes

2. Fleet Feet

3. Ken Combs Running Store


Best Gym


2. Urban Active

3. Fitness on Frankfort


Best Golf Course

1. Valhalla

2. Seneca Golf Course

3. Cherokee Golf Course


Best Public Restroom

1. 21c Museum Hotel

2. Von Maur

3. Macy’s


Best Yoga Class

1. Yoga on Baxter

2. Betsey’s Hot Yoga

3. Yoga East


Best House of Worship

1. Southeast Christian Church

2. St. Francis of Assisi

3. Unity of Louisville


Best Plastic Surgeon: Breasts

1. Imaage, Dr. Thomas Haas

2. Louisville Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Calobrace

3. Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Salzman


Best Plastic Surgeon: Face

1. Imaage, Dr. Thomas Haas

2. Louisville Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Calobrace

3. Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Salzman


Best Liposuction Doctor

1. Imaage, Dr. Thomas Haas

2. Louisville Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Calobrace

3. Smart Lipo, Dr. Crabtree


Best Dentist

1. Mortenson Family Dental

2. Family Dental Associates

3. Dr. Charles B. Barrett


Best Hair Salon

1. Icons Salon

2. Z Salon

3. Joseph’s Salon & Spa


Best Jewelry Store

1. Shane Company

2. Davis Jewelers

3. Kay Jewelers


Best Local Jewelry Store

1. Davis Jewelers

2. Aesthetics & Jewelry

3. Seng Jewelers


Best Spa

1. Z Salon & Spa

2. Imaage

3. Joseph’s Salon & Spa


Best Place to Buy a Unique Gift

1. Regalo

2. WHY Louisville

3. Edenside Gallery


Best Clothing Boutique

1. Dot Fox

2. Clodhoppers

3. Blink Boutique


Best Gift Boutique

1. Scout

2. Regalo

3. Dandelion



Best Restaurant (Louisville)

1. Jack Fry’s

2. Ramsi’s Café on the World

3. 610 Magnolia


Best Restaurant (S. Indiana)

1. Rocky’s

2. La Rosita

3. Rich O’s


Best New Restaurant

1. 732 Social

2. Diamond Café

3. Sake Blue


Best Outdoor Dining

1. Captain’s Quarters

2. Avalon

3. Mike Linnig’s


Best Fine Dining

1. Jack Fry’s

2. Jeff Ruby’s

3. Vincenzo’s


Best Place for a Romantic Dinner

1. Jack Fry’s

2. Lily’s

3. Le Relais


Best Restaurant on the River

1. Captain’s Quarters

2. Rocky’s Italian Grill

3. Tumbleweed


Best Late-Night Bite

1. White Castle

2. Ramsi’s Café on the World

3. Spinelli’s Pizzeria


Best Chinese Restaurant

1. August Moon

2. Red Pepper

3. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro


Best Indian Restaurant

1. Kashmir

2. Shalimar

3. India Palace


Best Japanese Restaurant

1. Sapporo

2. Osaka

3. Maido


Best Italian Restaurant

1. Come Back Inn

2. Le Gallo Roso

3. Porcini


Best Mexican Restaurant

1. El Mundo

2. El Nopal

3. Los Aztecas


Best Salsa

1. El Mundo

2. El Nopal

3. Tumbleweed


Best Middle Eastern Restaurant

1. Shiraz

2. The Grape Leaf

3. Safier Mediterranean Deli


Best Vietnamese Restaurant

1. Vietnam Kitchen

2. Annie’s Cafe

3. Basa


Best Thai Restaurant

1. Simply Thai

2. Thai Smile

3. Thai Siam


Best Cajun/ Creole Restaurant

1. J. Gumbo

2. Joe’s OK Bayou

3. Furlongs


Best Chef

1. Dean Corbett, Corbett’s “An American Place”

2. John Varanese, Varanese

3. Anoosh Shariat, Browning’s


Best Buffet

1. Golden Corral

2. Bristol

3. Ramsi’s Café on the World


Best Takeout

1. Double Dragon

2. Annie’s Café

3. Simply Thai


Best Delivery

1. Jimmy John’s

2. Papa John’s

3. Domino’s


Best Ribs

1. Mark’s Feed Store

2. Famous Dave’s

3. Frankfort Avenue Beer Depot


Best Fish Sandwich

1. Stan’s Fish Sandwich

2. Mike Linnig’s

3. The Fishery


Best Produce

1. Paul’s Fruit Market

2. Whole Foods

3. Farmers Markets


Best Bakery

1. Plehn’s Bakery

2. Cake Flour

3. Blue Dog Bakery


Best Breakfast/Brunch

1. Wild Eggs

2. Toast on Market

3. Lynn’s Paradise Cafe


Best Coffee Shop

1. Heine Brothers

2. Starbucks

3. Highland Coffee


Best Deli

1. Stevens & Stevens

2. Jason’s Deli

3. Morris Deli


Best Dessert

1. Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen

2. Sweet Surrender

3. Desserts By Gretchen


Best Ice Cream Shop

1. Graeter’s

2. Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen

3. Baskin-Robbins


Best Seafood Restaurant

1. Mitchell’s Fish Market

2. Red Lobster

3. King Fish


Best Steakhouse

1. Pat’s Steakhouse

2. Jeff Ruby’s

3. Texas Roadhouse


Best Sushi

1. Sapporo

2. Osaka

3. Maido


Best BBQ

1. Mark’s Feed

2. Kentucky BBQ Company

3. Famous Dave’s


Best Pub Grub

1. Flanagan’s Ale House

2. The Irish Rover

3. O’Shea’s Traditional Irish Pub


Best Burger

1. W.W. Cousins

2. Five Guys Burgers

3. Kentucky BBQ Company


Best Pizza

1. Tony BoomBozz

2. Wick’s Pizza

2. Impellizzeri’s Pizza


Best Vegetarian Offering

1. Zen Garden

2. Ramsi’s Café on the World

3. Third Avenue Café


Best Wings

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

2. Hooters

3. Rumors


Best Beer List

1. Flanagan’s Ale House

2. Bluegrass Brewing Company

3. Nachbar


Best Wine List

1. L&N Wine Bar

2. Napa River Grill

3. Proof on Main


Best Happy Hour

1. Maido

2. Napa River Grill

3. Bluegrass Brewing Company


Best Waitstaff

1. Bluegrass Brewing Company

2. Proof on Main

3. Hooters


Best Uniform for Waitstaff

1. Hooters

2. Varanese

3. The Pub


Best Dinner Roll

1. O’Charley’s

2. Texas Roadhouse

3. Red Lobster


Best Décor

1. Lynn’s Paradise Cafe

2. Proof on Main

3. Sake Blue


Best Menu Design

1. Proof on Main

2. 732 Social

3. Z’s Fusion


Best French Fries

1. McDonald’s

2. Rally’s

3. Kentucky BBQ Company


Fastest Lunch

1. Jimmy John’s

2. McDonald’s

3. Qdoba



Best Sports Bar

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

2. Hoops

3. Hooters


Best U of L Bar

1. Granville Inn

2. Kentucky BBQ Company

3. Hall of Fame Café


Best UK Bar

1. Dundee Tavern

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

3. None


Best New Bar/Club

1. Zanzabar

2. Swan Dive

3. Zeppelin Café


Best Blues Bar

1. Stevie Ray’s Blues Bar

2. Lisa’s Oak Street Lounge

3. Carly Rae’s


Best Country/Western Bar

1. Electric Cowboy

2. Coyote’s

3. Saddle Ridge


Best Neighborhood Bar/Pub

1. Monkey Wrench

2. Shenanigans

3. Back Door


Best Dance Club

1. The Connection

2. Hotel

3. Jim Porter’s


Best Comedy Club

1. Comedy Caravan

2. Improv


Best Dive Bar

1. Nachbar

2. Back Door

3. Mag Bar


Best Queer Bar

1. The Connection

2. Starbase Q

3. Tryangles


Best Place to Hear Jazz

1. The Seelbach Lounge

2. Nachbar

3. Sake Blue


Best Karaoke Bar

1. Akiko’s

2. Seidenfaden

3. Phoenix Hill Tavern


Best Singles Bar

1. Brendan’s

2. Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium

3. Phoenix Hill Tavern


Best Local Brewery

1. Bluegrass Brewing Company

2. Cumberland Brews

3. New Albanian Brewing Company


Best One-Tank Trip

1. Nashville

2. Cincinnati

3. Red River Gorge


Best Smoking Area

1. Outside

2. Phoenix Hill Tavern

3. Nachbar


Best Bartender

1. Eric Holloman, Kentucky BBQ Company

2. Becky Fey, Za’s Pizza

3. Stephen Dennison, Z’s Fusion


Best Gentleman’s Club

1. PT’s Showclub

2. Trixies Strip Club & Sports Bar

3. Godfather II


Most Unusual Tasty Cocktail

1. 732 Social

2. Varanese

3. Z’s Fusion


Best Margarita

1. El Mundo

2. Tumbleweed

3. El Nopal


Best Martini

1. Proof on Main

2. 60 West Bistro & Martini Bar

3. Martini Italian Bistro


Strongest Mixed Drink

1. Back Door

2. Cahoots

3. Mag Bar


Best Bar to Nurse a Hangover

1. Outlook Inn

2. Monkey Wrench

3. Back Door


Best Place to get Hungover

1. Back Door

2. Nachbar

3. Cahoots


Best Bar Bathroom

1. Proof on Main

2. Phoenix Hill Tavern

3. O’Shea’s Traditional Irish Pub



Best Local TV Station

1. WAVE-3

2. WHAS-11

3. Fox-41


Best Local TV News Anchor

1. Dawne Gee

2. Rachel Platt

3. Jackie Hays


Hottest Anchor (male or female)

1. Julie Tam

2. Jennifer Baileys

3. Carrie Weil


Best TV Morning Show

1. Fox in the Morning

2. Good Morning Kentuckiana

3. WAVE-3 Sunrise


Best Local TV Meteorologist

1. John Belski,

2. Tom Wills,

3. Jay Cardosi,


Best TV Disaster Graphics

1. WAVE-3

2. WHAS-11

3. WLKY-32


Most Accurate Local Forecast

1. WAVE-3

2. WLKY-32

3. WHAS-11


Best Magazine

1. LEO Weekly

2. Louisville Magazine

3. Underwired


Best Local Radio Station





Best Local Radio DJ

1. Laura Shine, WFPK-FM

2. Ben Davis & Kelly K, WDJX-FM

3. Lambert & Lindsay, WXMA-FM


Best Local Writer

1. Bob Hill

2. Stephen George

3. Phillip M. Bailey


Best Local Website





Best Local News Blog





Best Local Arts Blog




Best Local Entertainment Blog





Best Local Music Blog


2. Bluegrass Catastrophe (



Best Social Networking Site

1. Facebook




Best Reason to Use Social Networking

1. Connect with friends

2. Sex

3. Networking


Best Web Tool Available to Louisville Consumers

1. Google


3. Facebook


Best Reason to Read LEO Weekly

1. Events

2. Articles

3. News of the Weird


Best Place to Pick Up LEO Weekly

1. Heine Brothers Coffeeshops

2. Anywhere

2. Qdoba


Best Wrong News Story of the Year

1. Flood

2. Weather

3. Town Hall Meetings


Most Under-reported Story of the Year

1. Pitino/Sypher

2. Farrah Fawcett’s Death

3. Obama’s Hidden Agenda


Most Over-reported Story of the Year

1. Pitino/Sypher

2. Michael Jackson’s Death

3. The case of Jason Stinson


•Other Stuff

Best Domicile Style

1. Shotgun

2. Ranch

3. Tudor


Best Reason to get in the Ohio River

1. Polar Plunge

2. I’m on fire

3. No Reason


Best Local Attorney Gimmick

1. Heavy Hitter

2. Son in Jail Call Waddell

3. Ask Gary


Best Place to Make a Public Spectacle of Yourself

1. Fourth Street Live

2. Bardstown Road

3. Waterfront


Best Place to Take Your Dog to People-Watch

1. Cherokee Park

2. Waterfront

3. Bardstown Road


Best Excuse to Leave Town For a Day

1. Kentucky Derby

2. Thunder Over Louisville

2. A concert


Best Thing That’s Changed Here in the Last Year

1. Obama

2. No Bush

3. Bike Lanes


Best Person to Have Their Face on a Building

1. Muhammad Ali

2. Diane Sawyer

3. Hunter S. Thompson


Best Description of Louisville in Three Words or Less

1. Biggest Little City


Best Thing To Do With Your Used LEO Weekly

1. Recycle

2. Liner

3. Wrapping Paper


Best Local Urban Legend

1. Goatman

2. Waverly Hills

3. Pope Lick Monster


Best Local Landmark

1. Churchill Downs

2. Louisville Slugger Museum

3. Belle of Louisville


Best Place to Ride Your Bike

1. Cherokee Park

2. Waterfront

3. Seneca Park


Best Business to Have as a Facebook Friend

1. Cake Flour

2. Heine Brothers

3. Dot Fox


Best Month to be in Town

1. May

2. October

3. April


Best Place to Speak a Foreign Language

1. A foreign place

2. Churchill Downs (Backside)

3. Americana Apartments


Best Place to See Xmas Décor

1. Downtown

2. Lake Forest

3. Hillcrest


Most Frustrating Bridge to Drive Over

1. Kennedy Bridge

2. Second Street Bridge

3. Sherman Minton Bridge


Best Eyesore

1. House next to Genny’s Diner

2. The Galt House

3. The Downtown Arena


Best Neighborhood

1. Highlands

2. Crescent Hill

3. St. Matthews


Best Local Celebrity

1. George Clooney

2. Muhammad Ali

3. Rick Pitino


Best Community Role Model

1. Muhammad Ali

2. Jerry Abramson

3. Tom Owen


Best Politician you Love to Hate

1. Mitch McConnell

2. Jerry Abramson

3. Anne Northup


Best Nickname for the City

1. The Ville

2. Derby City

3. Possibility City


Most Likely Place to Get a Parking Ticket

1. Downtown

2. Belknap Campus, U of L

3. Baxter Avenue


Most Dangerous Intersection for Pedestrians

1. Second Street & Broadway

2. Bardstown Road & Eastern Parkway

3. Fourth Street & Broadway


Best Question for Mitch McConnell if you had him one-on-one

How are you enjoying your government health care?


Best Question for John Yarmuth if you had him one-on-one

When will we have universal health care?


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